The Customer’s Never Wrong

My loyal clients keep Nice By Nay alive and prospering. I’m happy to provide all of my clients with wonderful designs and high quality pieces. Read below to find out all the wonderful things a few of my clients have to say about me. Be sure to get in touch so we can start designing together today.

Where do I start!? I first met Nay in 2013 picking up a sweatsuit that she made for someone else. After seeing how dope the sweatsuit came out I decided to take a look on her instagram to see her other work. Needless to ay I was blown away!! A girl my age with so much talent, style, and creativity. I just knew right away I wanted her to make my birthday outfits. I have never looked for another designer since my first purchase years ago. Nay goes above and beyond to make the entire process from consultation to fittings an enjoyable process. She puts her all into everything. Not only did I find a designer I ca trust to turn any vision I my have into life but I also gained a best friend. It is not everyday that you gain a friend from a purchase but that is exactly what happens when you shop with Nay. Expect quality, efficiency and accuracy when purchasing from the Nice By Ny brand!


I first met Nay when we worked together and I discovered she made clothes. We became closer and its been history ever since. I love modeling her pieces for her new collections. I love the experience she has given me and most importantly  every loves the designs I post. I couldn't be more happy to brag how fly all my custom pieces are. My favorites has been the lingerie piece she created for me along with a custom 1 of 1 sweatsuit for my birthday. Whenever you get a Nice By Nay custom piece, its our to be a head turner. You're bound to get non-stop compliments. So happy nay is not only my friend but my personal stylist when I need some fire!


OMG I'm 8 months pregnant and I carry huge. I ripped my pants on my way to my consultation with Nay and she asked if I needed her to stitch them up! Her customer service is AMAZING. She responds fast and she made sure I was comfortable each and every visit! I didn't really know what I wanted at first but we brainstormed and she made me the most comfortable, classiest, fitted maternity dress. It moved perfectly with my body and the material was EVERYTHING! Thank you Nay for making one of the most important days of my pregnancy so great. You have a customer for life because your work is AMAZING!!

Wendy Wuu

I love everything about the brand Nice By Nay. Her customer service is great! On arrival I felt a warm welcome and was very comfortable. Every question was answered and I wasn't left on my own to decide the construction of my dress. She also provided her own creative direction. In the end I LOVED my dress and I still get compliments on it till this day. Love her, love her brand and i'll ALWAYS support!


I was referred to Nay after my friend's birthday. I was very last minute and desperate for her to make my outfit for me. When I say Nay came through, she did what she does BEST. On arrival I was comfortable as well as every visit after that for fittings. She is very professional and I can tell she loves her craft and wants to make sure her clients are beyond satisfied. The quality of the fabric blew my mind as well as her exact measurements that allowed my jumpsuit to fit like a glove! I LOVED IT! Since then I have been recommending her to others because I know they wont regret it. Thanks again Nay! I'll be returning again.


I've worked with Nay for years now and she's ALWAYS proven to be great at what she does. For my birthday I came to her last minute for a dress and she still worked with me and got the dress to me in time. After seeing how great she is I invited her to participate in many annual fashion shows and she delivers every time. I definitely look forward to working with her again!


Nay is by far one of the best designers in NYC! I first worked with Nay when I was apart of a photo shoot for her brand and from then I KNEW she would be my designer. She has designed about 4/5 pieces for me and she amazes me every time. She designs my birthday outfit every year and i'll continue to go to Nay for any outfit I need made. I'll also continue to refer her to anyone looking for a designer!


I am more than satisfied with my custom made birthday dress.I would recommend Nice By Nay to everyone. Not only did my dress fit PERFECT but the service was really fast and I did not have to wait long at all. I am looking forward to being a returning customer.


I came across Nay's sweatsuits on my Instagram news feed and I liked how dope they looked. I decided to let her create a custom sweatsuit for Black History Month wand she made my vision come to life plus the sweatsuit fit PERFECTLY.


My experience with Nice By Nay was PERFECT. I found her scrolling on Instagram and I just thought to myself "Damn I need her to maker my dress for my birthday." It was perfect timing, she had GREAT communication and she did the dress exactly how I planned it in my head. I definitely recommend her to any and everyone searching for a great designer!


I absolutely loved my bodysuit from Nice By Nay. Its really hard to find bodysuits that fit my body perfectly but she nailed it! I felt so sexy and cant wait to purchase another custom design by Nay!!

Nyah Jade

I've been getting my custom outfits from Nay since 2016 and not once have I ever been disappointed. Nay's designs makes me feel good and when I walk in a room full of people I know everyone will stare because of how good I look. Her customer service is always at 100%. Even if she is too busy to answer my questions immediately, she always gets back to me no later than the next day. I love every outfit Nay has ever made me. She's very professional, affordable, and always makes me feel comfortable. I will continue to do business with her because she is the best in NYC, PERIOD!


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